The mission of Damascus Church is to help people experience life, hope, and purpose in Jesus Christ.


The vision of Damascus Church is to see individuals, families, communities, and nations made new and made whole through the redemptive reign of Jesus Christ. 


  • Prayer – intimacy with Christ is the end-all, be-all, and we can do nothing apart from him.
  • Gospel – our message and our only boast.  
  • Discipleship – anyone, anywhere, can take one step closer to Jesus. We regularly worship by  “Reaching-Up”, love the church by “Reaching-In”, and have compassion on the world by  “Reaching-Out”.  
  • Mission– followers of Jesus engage their Oikos and seek to make disciples as his ambassadors.  
  • Kingdom – nothing matters more than Jesus’ Kingdom advancing on earth – so we give everything we are for this cause. We pray for more workers, partner with like-minded churches,  equip laborers, and seek to multiply churches.